Bertha Faye

Bertha Faye

For whatever unknown reason, it appears as though Vince McMahon has an unquenchable desire to humiliate athletes within his company that have weight issues. Adrian Adonis, for example, was given the much maligned “Adorable” persona in large part due to the massive amounts of weight he had put on while he was under the WWF’s employ. Mike Shaw was made to eat trash out of a can and have a hump fashioned out of the skin on his back. These are just two examples of folks Vince humiliated due to their excessive weight.

In the mid 1990’s, Vince had once again brought back the women’s heavyweight championship. And with good reason – he had snagged one of the most talented women’s grapplers in the world at the time, Madusa Micelli, from WCW. While the Women’s belt had in the past been the sole domain of lethargic competitors such as the Fabulous Moolah, this run with the championship was going to be different. In addition to Micelli, the company brought in several of Japan’s top stars, such as Aja Kong and Bull Nakano. The matches were stiff, athletic, and far beyond what most US fans were accustomed to.

During this hot streak, the WWF decided to bring yet another of Japan’s top women stars: Rhonda Singh. The difference was, however, that instead of having her portray the character that made her famous in Japan, a destrutress known as Monster Ripper, she was given a makeover that was much more WWF friendly.

She became Bertha Faye, trailer park princess. She was decked out in the most garish eyesore of an outfit imaginable, and her hair was put up in pigtails. As if all this weren’t bad enough, she also wrapped her bulging thighs in tight fishnet stockings, causing WWE programming to feature shots such as this:

She was also paired with the so-not-over-he-may-as-well-have-been-under Harvey Wippleman. Sound horrible? Consider the fact that Wippleman not only accompanied her to the ring and fawned at her every move, he also sang her theme song, which was quite possibly the worst entrance theme in the history of pro wrestling. Before you email me, yes, it may have even been worse than the American Males – here, decide for yourself.

Not only was Singh made to look like a total goof, she was also banned from using any of the awesome power moves that brought her to fame in Japan. See, because that wouldn’t have fit the character.

Despite the fact that she never really did anything more than prance, dance, and look disgusting, she was given a run with the women’s championship, unseating Micelli (who was competing under the moniker of Alundra Blayze) for the belt at Summer Slam 1995.

Bertha’s reign was brief, however, as Micelli regained the belt within two months. Madusa promptly defected to WCW, showing up live on Nitro and proceeded to throw the belt in the trash. And really, could you blame her?

Singh left the WWF shortly afterwards as well, and competed sporadically on the independent circuit. She also had a very brief run in WCW during Vince Russo’s reign of terror.

Sadly, Singh passed away on July 27, 2001. She was just 40 years old.

– Harvey Wippleman croons in a manner most hideous.

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