Evad Sullivan

Evad Sullivan

So Hulk Hogan arrives in WCW amidst great fanfare and Kevin Sullivan is one of the main guys behind the scenes. Sullivan has been palling around with a big guy named The Equalizer, who just happens to be Kevin’s brother (in storylines, not real life). Kevin and Dave have a tough love relationship – Dave is kinda slow, you see. And how did WCW get that across to the fans? That’s right, they made him DYSLEXIC.

Yeah, that’s not going to offend anyone.

Actually, after the eventual face turn by Sullivan, he did something even more offensive: he befirended Hogan. In fact, he went one step further, declaring himself the World’s Biggest Hulkamaniac. Hogan even gave him his “magic slippers”, the boots he wore when he took on Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III.

Sullivan would come to the ring decked out in “the yellow and red of Hulkamania”, handing out Hogan shirts to little kids at ringside. He had what is quite possibly the worst entrance theme of all time, “I Want to be a Hulkmaniac”, which has a choir of children praising the almighty Hogan.

And after about three months, he just disappeared.

Good career move, Evad.

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