Induction: Trish barks like a dog – McMahon’s breast friend

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WWE, 2001

It’s rare to be able to put a price tag on piece of Wrestlecrap, and it’s even rarer that a piece of Wrestlecrap influences the affairs of the federal government, but tonight’s induction accomplished both feats. Vince McMahon’s degrading in-ring segment with Trish Stratus ended up shooting his wife’s chances at a United States Senate seat straight to hell a decade later. While there were many factors that led to Linda McMahon’s defeat at the polls (twice) at a personal cost of $100 million dollars, the most widely-publicized may just have been the embarrassing WWE clips floating around the Internet from her time as company CEO, and no clip was more iconic than Linda’s very own husband telling a young woman to bark like a dog.


Okay, maybe the one where Linda kicks JR in the balls.


But seriously, when you watched the segment in 2001, did you ever expect to see it replayed a decade later with the ABC News logo emblazoned over it?


Such was the case when would-be Senator McMahon sat down for an interview with ABC’s Christiane Amanpour to address her business record. Linda’s defense of the clip (that it had come from a different period in her company’s history, before it had gone TV-PG and become more acceptable for younger viewers) didn’t seem to satisfy her interviewer.


But focusing on a seconds-long clip of a woman being forced to bark like a dog meant that the news media missed out on the larger context. See, Vince McMahon, Linda’s husband, was playing the role of the villain by humiliating his mistress, who eventually stood up for herself and triumphed over the evil boss on sports entertainment’s biggest stage, Wrestlemania. Just because something happens on a television show or in a movie doesn’t mean that its creators are presenting it in a positive light; all fiction relies on the protagonist overcoming adversity, and the struggle between good and evil has been dramatized for as long as humans have been telling stories.


That’s what Linda McMahon should have told Christiane Amanpour about the accusations that she peddled smut for years. It wouldn’t have been exactly true, but it’s what she should have told her.

See, although once you dig a little bit deeper, Linda’s former company gets let off the hook, when you dig a little deeper than that, you find out that her critics were probably right about her company promoting misogyny, because her husband’s humiliation of a woman on the McMahons’ TV program was met with near-unanimous approval by the live audience.  And here’s how it came to pass:

’Twas the night after No Way Out, and all through the arena, Vince McMahon was stirring — stirring a putrid mixture of filth in a janitor’s bucket, to be exact, “dumpage” that he implied he was reserving for his daughter Stephanie, who had objected to Trish Stratus sleeping her way to a position of influence. dog05
dog06 When match time came, and Vince appeared ready to tag Trish in to humiliate Stephanie, he instead pulled her over the ropes, where she was slapped by Steph, flattened (insofar as that is possible for a woman of Trish’s endowment) by William Regal, and verbally berated by the boss, who told her he was tired of her.
Steph proceeded to mop Trish with the filthy liquid before Vince dumped the contents of the mystery bucket on his mistress.  dog07
dog08 The next week, Trish came to Raw to address what happened, but instead of tearing into Vince, she begged him for forgiveness for the crime of trying to supplant his daughter as the “dominant female” in the Federation. McMahon, however, wasn’t buying it and demanded that Trish prove her sincerity.
If Trish were truly loyal, she would act like man’s best friend. No, she wouldn’t accompany Brian Pillman to the ring; she would have to get on all fours like a dog. Trish crawled around the ring… dog09
dog10 …while Vince pulled off some killer dance moves.
But Vince wasn’t through with the canine antics yet, demanding Trish tell him she’s sorry in “dog language.” The intrigue was building, as the audience wondered whether Trish would simply bark or try to actually speak English in a dog voice like Scooby Doo. dog11
dog12 “Dammit, bark like a dog!” said Vince, shouting orders at the poor woman as if she were the crowd at a Smackdown taping in Liverpool.
Vince, apparently bored of doing it doggy-style with Trish, then told her in so many words to take her clothes off. Those words were, “Take your clothes off!” dog13
dog14 Paul Heyman, in only his first night on the job as an announcer, started his own chant of “Yes! Yes!” a decade before Daniel Bryan.
Vince was at his all-time most vile and abusive, but the largely male audience cheered enthusiastically because boobs. dog15
dog16 Whoops! I accidentally hit the wrong key and ended my sentence before I could complete its subordinate clause. Don’t you hate it when internet writers do that? Anyway, as I was saying, the audience cheered enthusiastically because boobs are very popular among the male 18-35 demographic, among them this Pi Alpha Phi member whose college education never taught him that there will never be nudity on a TV-14 show.
Vince, in all his insatiable curiosity, pondered aloud the color of Trish’s panties before ordering her to take her skirt off, too. dog17
dog18 The only person in the whole arena with any sympathy for Trish was Jim Ross, whose revulsion at the degrading treatment contrasted starkly with the crowd’s wild cheers and his broadcast colleague’s naughty presidential pun, the likes of which hadn’t been heard since the days of Polk and Pierce.
But Vince still wasn’t satisfied, shouting this command that Linda’s opponents really missed the boat on when looking for sound bites: “Take your bra off and take it off now!” As sleazy and degrading as McMahon’s order was, it garnered the biggest pop of the night from the audience, who, in their defense, really, really wanted to see Trish naked. dog19
dog20 The horny fans finally did the right thing and turned against Vince, with chants of “a**hole” directed at the chairman… after he decided that Trish was sorry after all and covered her up with his jacket.
After Trish proudly declared the indignities to which she would subject herself to prove her loyalty, Vince closed the segment by turning on the DC crowd (rather than turning the DC crowd on), opining that, like Trish Stratus, anyone working for the government is practically a prostitute. In that case, would being a United States Senator have made Linda the hooker, or the john? dog21
dog22 Pleased as punch and oblivious to the fact that he was costing his wife a national political office, Vince went on a victory lap the following Thursday, fondly recounting his step-by-step humiliation of his female employee while his comatose prospective Senator sat by. With no possibility of seeing nudity, the new set of fans booed the evil owner.
By the time Vince recounted his domination of Trish for the second time, this time on Raw, he was so comfortable with his handiwork that he commentated it in full-on TV Announcer Vince mode, slipping in three “and then from there”s and one “if you would.” dog23

So the “bark like a dog” segment turned out to be even worse than the snippet publicized by Linda’s opponents, featuring not only the verbal humiliation of a woman, but the physical as well, with a forced stripping that news outlets didn’t even pick up on (since that would have required research of their own, rather than relying on video clips and sound bites from one political campaign or the other).

But strangely, even the whole, disturbing truth wasn’t outrageous enough for some cable news personalities, so they made some stuff up, too, just to trample Linda, whom they portrayed as a closet Larry Flynt in pearls, under the hooves of their high horse.

The idea that a peddler of seedy content could simply use a quick family-friendly makeover to absolve herself of wrongdoing: this idea truly galled the panel of “Morning Joe,” which had replaced eleven years of Don Imus on MSNBC. dog24
dog97 The show’s producers edited McMahon’s interview with Amanpour to make it seem like she had told anyone offended by the “bark like a dog” segment to just change the channel, and that her excuse for airing it was that it was legal under the First Amendment. In fact, those comments were in response to a different question about whether the Senate should regulate what cable stations show on TV.
Mika Brzezinski, whose permanent sour puss registered a pH of 13 after airing the edited clip, gave a death stare to the camera and, perhaps unaware that MSNBC’s sister network USA had aired the WWF for most of the demonized Attitude Era,  blasted McMahon for putting such filth on cable television. “I have already expressed my opinion, and it is definitely my opinion” (as opposed to being Meryl Streep’s or Bozo the Clown’s opinion) “…and, I’m sorry, but that is just not a product I want even available to our kids,” what with the “simulated rape in the boxing ring.” dog26
dog27 What bothered Joe Scarborough was not just the “simulated rape” (which, for the record, had been perpetrated on a mannequin, Michael Cole, and many of Viscera’s opponents, but never on an actual woman) but the fact that McMahon had put herself on the map with irresponsible programming, having made a fortune off tasteless, offensive content. This would be like MSNBC garnering huge ratings for its coverage of a war that it had helped mislead the public into supporting, then admitting years later that it was probably a mistake, except, obviously, that would have been much more egregious than anything Linda ever did.
Finally, Dylan Ratigan lamented the fact that the American people might continue to elect such — and excuse the wrestling lingo — “jambonies.” dog28

The “real world” coverage of the goings-on of pro wrestling may have been as transparently bogus as a WWE show, but everyone from Democrats to Republicans to The Rock himself would agree:

If you demean women for entertainment, you’re a jamboni.


And if you cheer that degradation of women, you may just be the biggest jamboni of all.


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Art has been writing inductions for WrestleCrap since 2012. He also writes reviews of old Monday Night Raws, posted here every other Sunday. You can find his old reviews at the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog. Follow him on Twitter @Art0Donnell. Email at:
65 Responses to "Induction: Trish barks like a dog – McMahon’s breast friend"
  1. Theodore E. Baer says:

    “This would be like MSNBC garnering huge ratings for its coverage of a war that it had helped mislead the public into supporting, then admitting years later that it was probably a mistake, except, obviously, that would have been much more egregious than anything Linda ever did.”


    • Guest says:

      I much as I like MSNBC I can’t deny some of the more shady aspects of the network especially some of the less flatter historical tidbits like the network supporting the war and essentially carrying water for the bush Administration.

      Let’s not even get started on Joe Scarborough and his B.S.

  2. John Matrix says:

    Kind of funny how so much Wrestlecrap comes from the Attitude Era.

    • MistaMaddog says:

      Why you think got started during the AE? (Plenty of material from before it as well…)

    • Philip says:

      Why, it’s almost like the Attitude Era was not, in fact, perfect and amazing and awesome and the gold standard to which WWE should adhere to for the rest of eternity…

  3. Rob Brown says:

    “At the same time in WWE [today], women really are powerful women…”

    I literally laughed out loud when I heard Linda say that part. For one thing, this wasn’t very far removed from the “Piggie James” angle.

    Speaking of that particular war: while WWE didn’t sway public opinion to the same extent as news organizations like MSNBC did, they sure didn’t help matters by doing stuff like the Great Debate (which you can read about in the archives, fellow Crappers!) and making Chris Nowinski the heel. And creating a tag team who were heels because they were A) French and B) anti-war. And so on.

    • MistaMaddog says:

      Even with all the other Jerry Springer stuff they did during the AE, this was the most degrading segment of them all. This was part of the overall of some cheesy soap opera storyline about the McMahon family that, yes, even included the whole WCW Invasion angle that year.

      On a positive note, I also remember a sports radio show doing a mock commerical about the Vince McMahon Dog Training Method(tm). Shows you how serious mainstream media took “sports entertainment” back then too…

  4. John C says:

    That was some pretty uncomfortable stuff going on but in Vince’s defense I believe he can only understand dog language. it’s probably why Bob Barker appeared on Raw, Vince thought it was someone else who could help with his canine communications abilities. And listening to political pundits feigning outrage over anything is like poop being upset that crap smells, you both stink equally.

  5. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    It always amazes me when mainstream news outlets cover wrestling. The seeming complete lack of research and screwed up facts make you question how accurate they are on topics you don’t already know about.

    For example, Chris Benoit murdering his family and then killing himself was definitely news. Obviously it should be covered. What wasn’t needed were the motive conspiracy theories TV hosts dreamed up. Nancy Grace talked about how Benoit was upset because he had been a part of the elite Four Horsemen but had been demoted down to Raw. There’s so much wrong with that statement how do you even correct it without having to explain how the entire wrestling industry works? Another reporter, I don’t recall who off the top of my head, tried to work Kevin Sullivan into the conversation as a suspect. Because you know, he played the Taskmaster so he must be pure evil in real life, right?

    The there was Glenn Beck who ranted on and on in a lengthy segment damning the entirety of professional wrestling. He pleaded repeatedly that no one should spend their money on the upcoming PPV, The All American Bash. Two seconds of research would have been more than enough.

    • Erich says:

      Hell, if WWE can’t get their own guest hosts to remember the name of a PPV (remember SummerFest?), so why should a news pundit?

    • Billy says:

      “The seeming complete lack of research and screwed up facts make you question how accurate they are on topics you don’t already know about.”

      From looking at coverage of other topics, the answer is probably “not very”.

      You see the same thing with video game related coverage, which at times has been much worse than pro wrestling receives, and is more often a topic. You see it with comic book coverage, new tech coverage, and plenty of other areas.

      On a related situation, you can see what appears to be biased coverage (like CBS being very kind to the NFL, or accepting questionable and even potentially disproven claims from the RIAA as fact) which could as easily just be that they’ve done little research on the subject matter.

  6. Tempest_Fennac says:

    I agree with the comment about the main point of this being to get heat for Mr. McMahon and that Linda should have just said that. If George Lucas was running for Congress, do you think his opponents would use Leia’s slave costume or Anakin choking Padame as evidence that he’s in favour of degrading women?

    Regarding the WWE and sexism, I would argue that having most intergender matches as basically being squashes is much more sexist (even Chyna was often booked to look ridiculously feeble; her IC Title matches against Jeff Jarret being 2 notable examples of this).

    • CP says:

      George Lucas hasn’t been the target of federal probes and hasn’t been charged in United States Court. Big difference.

    • LegallySpeaking says:

      Are you so fucking insane to think that women could compete on the same level as men?

      • Autrach Sejanoz says:

        Obviously, you haven’t watched much Lucha Underground or CHIKARA.

        • Alexandru says:

          Actually have seen other inter gender matches in other promotions, and I just can’t suspend my disbelief for it. Now if it’s Beth Phoenix or Awesome Kong I can actually accept that. I mean Pentegon Jr. looked like a joke by losing to Star and her being in the ring against Cage was ridiculous. But as it relates to demeaning women this angle definitely accomplished that.

          • Tempest_Fennac says:

            I agree about the woman in question being relevant here (while I’m not a fan of Chyna’s ring work, she does at least seem to be the sort of person who could go toe-to-toe with most men; it’s hardly as if Chyna and Jeff Jarret or whoever having a competitive match where Chyna looks strong would be the same as having an intergender match featuring someone like Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson, but that would probably still be no worse than things like Jay Leno putting Hogan in a wristlock).

            Regarding the Lucas comment, that is a good point. Wasn’t the WWF/E ultimately found innocent in those cases though? If that is the case then holding certain angles against the WWE when the media wouldn’t for other people is unfair, especially since America theoretically operates under an “innocent until proven guilty” framework (mind you, the fact that Linda included footage of her kicking JR below the belt and being slapped by Stephanie in her campaign videos really doesn’t suggest she was too concerned about appearing to have credability).

      • The Crazed Spruce says:

        Depending on the woman, it’s no stranger than, say, Rey Mysterio competing for the title.

        I’m not saying that, say, one of the Bellas can go up against The Big Show or anything, but, for example, Natalya vs. Dolph Ziggler? That’s a much fairer match.

        • Rob Brown says:

          Those are pretty much my thoughts as well. If they’re roughly the same size, then it’s believable. Also, it’s not as though the biggest or strongest person always wins fights in real life. Take Brian Pillman vs. Sid, for example.

      • Jimbolian says:

        Awesome Kong would like to have a word with you…

        • Guest says:

          Kharma and her WWE run would like to have a word……….actually she just stare menacingly at you before driving you into the mat with an implant buster.

      • Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

        Ronda Rousey would push your shit in, pal.

      • Guest says:

        Are you insane to think that a woman could never physically be on the same level or surpass a man?

  7. Down With OPC says:

    Even if this segment never happened, some other dumb segment would have “cost” Linda the election.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, ffs. Can we just poke fun at the angle without having to editorialize?

    Seriously, what’s with the commentary? Do you really need to leap to the defense of “womankind” over a silly wrestling angle designed to get a ratings spike through shock value? I see less unnecessary pandering when discussing ACTUAL racist angles, which is weird to say the least in addition to being bafflingly selective.

    And in regards to the end, have you considered that maybe they were cheering because THEY CAN ACTUALLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FICTION AND REALITY? Try being less of a smark.

    • CP says:

      There’s such a thing as going too far in a wrestling angle. This was one of those times.

    • Stephen says:

      I thought the same thing. This seemed less like an induction and more like a petty rant.

      I think I’m done with Wrestlecrap. Art0Donnell does most of the inductions now. He isn’t funny, he thinks tangents and references are a substitute for humour and, now, we get an induction like this where white-knighting for A FICTIONAL CHARACTER and attacking men for — shock, horror — liking half-naked attractive women is more important than comedy. Have to wonder if Art rants at Game Of Thrones and other shows and movies for featuring attractive naked women to draw in male viewers too.

      Art’s doing the exact same thing he accused non-wrestling fans of doing: “Just because something happens on a television show or in a movie doesn’t mean that its creators are presenting it in a positive light”. He’s treating it more seriously than any of the wrestling fans in that building. Art, it may have escaped your notice but wrestling isn’t real.

      • Art0Donnell says:

        I’m sorry to hear that you are done with this site. You will be truly missed for your reading comprehension and well-thought-out conclusions.

        Your lumping together of all men who enjoy nudity in general with men who enjoy watching forced nudity is very insightful. Did you go to the same Gail Dines seminar as I did? By extension, getting off on a rape scene in a movie is no different from getting off on a regular sex scene, right? Sorry for being redundant, because as you and I already know, all sex is rape.

        PS: You misspelled “wymyn.”

        • Guest says:

          He’s just mad because you had the audacity to throw an attitude era segment under the bus. And let’s be honest with ourselves this segment wasn’t so much offensive (to me at least), It was just dumb even as a 14 year old teenager watching this I cared nothing for this segment.

      • Art0Donnell says:

        I don’t like the fact that you referenced other media like Game of Thrones in your comment. Jeez, be original.

  9. Chris Hajdar says:

    This was left off the broadcast when the episode aired in England. Thank God it was!

    Trish Stratus was (and still is) very attractive, but this was just demeaning to her.

  10. MIB says:

    During the Attitude era a lot of stuff was either censored or cut from RAW by SKY TV here in the UK (despite the show airing at 10:00pm at night with clear and unambiguous warnings about the content) and this was one of those segments which never aired.

    This was one occasion where it didn’t bother me and even now,15 years later I still have no interest in seeing it.

  11. Wally says:

    At best Trish was a B+ dog.

    I hope Ralph Fiennes runs for office one day, and his opponent runs attack ads of him wearing his Schindler’s List Nazi attire.

  12. Jimbolian says:

    I would like to point out if there’s one man to blame for having Vince put Rob Bartlett on the announce team for the first season of Monday Night Raw, it’s Don Imus.

    Yes kids, Bartlett was part of Imus’ entourage on his radio show back in the 90’s and I’m guessing Vince must’ve been an avid listener.

  13. D says:

    I agree with Down with OPC, if this segment never existed something else would’ve “cost” Linda the senate…Austin 3:16 anyone? The bible crowd still goes nuts, not to mention “suck it”, Val venis porn star, some of the antics of Golddust, Benoit incident, steroid allegations and so on…sadly professional wrestling is seen as “low-brow” even though these people/critics who like to point out that this is a scripted sport and fake but when controversal incident happen it magically becomes “real life” Nobody thinks Al Pacino is a mafia don or drug lord (godfather and scarface for the younger readers) or Hugh Jackmon has metal bones like in the x-men/wolverine series because people know its entertianment and thats what she should’ve run on but didn’t but lets also face facts, regardless of whatever political affliation people may have, Linda ran as a republican in a state that leans more towards democrats, so in the end she had 2 stirkes against her already, hostile environment and a bias against WWE in general….

    • Art0Donnell says:

      Absolutely, there were a lot of reasons why she lost. This segment had the most symbolic value, though, for the national media, which discussed it more than anything else about that election. It was a nation-wide discussion topic, but even if everyone in the other 49 states hated her, Linda still could have won if she had won over Connecticut voters, which was hard enough as it was. Every election, there’s someone from the House or Senate embroiled in some national scandal who still gets elected because all that matters is their local constituency.

  14. Geoff says:

    Yes he is insane. Are you trying to tell us that woman CAN”T compete with men. All over the world, in Mexico and Japan for example women are competing every day with men AND holding their own. WWE is just too high and mighty and sexist to let women compete with men AND let them win. The way they (WWE) treat their women (as opposed to Lucha or All Pro Japan), it would seem to the general viewer and non wrestling viewer that although it may look like WWE wants their woman as great as their men, they really don’t. And as RD and Blade prove over and over again, WWE has a proven track record of 1: Making really gorgeous women really boring and 2. Ruining them so much they don’t seem capable of doing anything else. I’ve watched other promotions which have mixed matches and I have seen women not only compete with men but be equal to them. It’s only WWE (and old WCW) that demoralizes women so much AND tries to make their viewers believe that women will NEVER be as equal to men.

  15. Andre R. says:

    Ah yes, THIS infamous incident in WWE history. Back in 2007, in an issue of PWI, there was a female columnist who was speaking of a then-in-WWE Diva, whose name I do not remember. Probably Melina or Michelle McCool. Anyway, they showed a pic of a Diva’s match and the caption read “You think women have it bad in WWE right now? Not so long ago Trish Stratus was forced to get down on her hands and knees and bark like a dog.” When it happened I was not following wrestling at the time, so when I read this I was like “what the hell?!” It turned out to have been done only to satiate Vince McMahon’s massive ego. Why else would it have happened, right? And later, Trish gave an interview where she stated she wanted to be seen as a “team player” and therefore that’s why she didnt refuse to do it. That’s really something right there. I have no other words.

  16. Alexandru says:

    While this segment was degrading it didn’t cost Linda shit. Her association with wrestling was already a big strike against her, fair or not. Her not having a personality and trying to pretty much buy the elections, what a waste of 100 million, didn’t exactly help her either

    • Nettacki says:

      It may not have cost her, but it certainly didn’t help her either.

    • Nettacki says:

      Also, they acknowledged there were many factors that affected Linda’s chances at the polls on the very first paragraph.

  17. Doc 902714 says:

    WAIIIITTT! Linda barked like a dog for the Million Dollar Man (incognito) at one time if I do recall at a Superstars taping. Trish barks like a dog on RAW over a decade later. And to think that this is what cost her the senate election?

    Like they say Carma’s (no, not that Kharma) a BITCH!!

  18. Saint Stryfe says:

    Her WWE Experience is not what sank her campaign. Massive mismanagement, cozing up to business in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse in a sorta-liberal state, terrible interpersonal skills, a lack of being able to tell people what and why she wanted to be a senator and overall coldness sunk her much more than this.

    What really gets to the heart of things is that Linda was never who was intended to run: Vince wanted to run himself. But he saw the Q scores and saw that a can of beans would have gotten elected to office in CT before him, so they ran Linda instead. They did this not noticing that she was not very good at being a candidate, couldn’t tell people WHY she wanted to win, or what she’d do aside from political platitudes.

  19. Mister Forth says:

    If the media was to be believed, “Raymond Mystereo then said ‘If he dies, he die’s”.

    P.S. The first guy Linda ran against looks like his face is an old catcher’s mitt.

  20. Fred says:

    This angle is why I have a very low opinion of the original ECW and the Monday Night Wars nonsense of let’s be as outlandish as possible at the expense of ‘fair’ taste.

    That said: I look at this article as a WrestleCrap entry on why mainstream media doesn’t understand the world.

  21. Grippage says:

    The casual sexism of the liberal mindset rears its ugly head once again. You either oppose violence and humiliation or you don’t – making an exception based on gender is discrimination, plain and simple. Unfortunately Art, while correctly dismissing the disgusting MSNBC, has fallen into this trap himself in several remarks here.

    • Art0Donnell says:

      So, if I had also decried humiliating storylines about race or national origin, then it would make it all better? Well, here you go:

    • Rob Brown says:

      I’d classify myself as liberal. I agree that violence and humiliation are bad, and nobody should turn a blind eye when they happen to women OR men.

      And because of that, I’m disgusted by this angle and think it really is worthy of induction. That’s got as much to do with how the fans seemed to love seeing Trish degraded as anything else.

    • Guest says:

      “The casual sexism of the liberal mindset”

      Ummm I think you meant to say conservative mindset since sexism is something that’s typically associated with conservatives and republicans or was Rush Limbaugh acting on behalf of Democrats and liberals when he called Sandra Fluke a slut?

  22. General Nutbar says:

    This article is just another example of the libtard media infiltrating people’s minds! I think women should be made to bark like a dog on every TV broadcast and that even includes the news! If i’m not furiously mastubating to some bizarre softcore canine-based fetish porn or uncovering femtard or libtard conspiracies then I might leave the house and bad things happen when I do that.

    • CP says:

      I would be very careful with my use of the epithet”tard” if I was you.

      • General Nutbar says:

        I’m only using it because it’s what those sorts of delusional morons like “The Amazing Atheist” genuinely say. I also don’t “get off” to women barking like dogs or think that there is some kind of liberal conspiracy controlling the media.

  23. The Scanian Maniac says:

    As someone else pointed out earlier in the thread, why didn’t Art O’Donnell discuss the strange coincidence, that Ted DiBiase made Linda McMahon bark like a dog, and then Trish had to do the same thing a decade later?

    And wasn’t the main reason why Linda ran (at least the first time) for the office, mostly due to the fact that the Republican Party’s elite wanted to stop Peter Schiff from run for the federal senate, as the grassroots would have preferred (despite Schiff was not a candidate officially, spent any money or had any media exposure but despite this had just as large numbers as Linda in the polls)?

    • Guest says:

      That’s not Linda McMahon that or I just can’t see her parading around in a polo shirt, blue jeans, and flip-flops.

  24. orazio says:

    I’m amazed it took 14 years to induct this. This was like a segment in a Japanese porn video

    One thing not mentioned in the main article is that this took place during the XFL’s short existence. The XFL was a huge failure and national joke by this point, and the strain Vince was feeling over his massive humiliation I think had a large effect on this angle. His control and power over Trish, both in storyline and real life, was a way of coping with his loss of control of his image and reputation. That he did this angle at the peak of his national prominence, and in an active partnership with Dick Ebersol, shows that he was mentally losing it. To Vince’s credit, Trish’s huge push and salary in the following years I think was a reward for being a good soldier in this angle.

  25. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I think that awful angle which where John Cena got stabbed is long overdue an induction. Possibly the disturbing similarities to the real life murder of Bruiser Brody would stop that…

  26. Pérez84 says:

    One thing is clear: if you choose to not vote Linda only because of a wrestling angle, you’re a fucking moron………

  27. Chris V says:

    I agree that this angle does deserve to be inducted here at the Crap as it was one of those moments that made me emberassed to be a wrestling fan.

  28. Nettacki says:

    Why’s it so hard to find this article on any of the “Inductions” categories? I had to use a text search to find this, instead of clicking on one of the categories that could lead me here.

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