Induction: The World’s Largest Love Machine, Viscera – Every day is Hump Day for Big Vis

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(RIP NELSON FRAZIER: 1971 – 2014)

WWE, 2005-7

Nelson Frazier has worn many hats during his years with World Wrestling Entertainment. Well, he only ever really wore one hat, which was a crown, but he had a number of gimmicks (rapper, clown, king, cult member) before evolving into Barry White’s younger, scarier brother.


vis01 Viscera’s road to suave sex-godhood began in 2004, when he was brought back, along with fellow Ministry of Darkness member Gangrel, as one of JBL’s hired guns to take out The Undertaker. Gangrel quickly disappeared, but Big Vis stuck around long enough to be another champion’s goon. This time, it was Women’s Champion Trish Stratus who needed Viscera to destroy Kane, who was at the time enjoying marital bliss with his prisoner-wife, Lita.
Trish may not have had JBL’s money, but she did have –ahem– other highly-prized assets that Mr. Layfield lacked.

(Though JBL was certainly no slouch in the bosom department)

vis99 Vis and Trish went out on a date to hash out the details of their business arrangement. Viscera arrived late, of course, after making a trip to the drug store. Those are condoms, folks. For sex!
Trish, on the other hand, was less than thrilled at the prospect of riding Space Mountain (which is far more appropriate a nickname for Nelson Frazier’s parts than Ric Flair’s; after all, the Disney ride is pitch black). In fact, she suggested handing over Christie Hemme as a rape-offering to appease the big man. Soooo… vis04
vis05 Uhhhh….
Yeah I don’t know either, dude. mmrhigherres
vis07 On a lighter note, Viscera gave this comparatively cute line about his name.
An unconscious Christie Hemme was soon taken off the table (figuratively speaking), and Trish gave Vis an “advance” on his post-match “payment.” vis08 
vis09 That Sunday, however, Viscera came up short against Kane and got berated by Trish for his trouble. Fortunately, he shook her violently and squashed her, parlaying the Diva’s hospitalization into a run as a babyface.
Trish might not have been up for the dark journey, but Viscera set his sights on another blonde: ring announcer Lilian Garcia. Sure, Lilian might have been hesitant to hook up with a 500-pound man who crushed his last love interest (intentionally), but Vis’s approach was so smooth, the aspiring pop star couldn’t resist. This tortilla chip kiss would make a perfect scene for The Lady & The Tramp 2.

vis11 Around this time, Vis took on the moniker of “World’s Largest Love Machine,” sporting a smoking jacket during his entrances…
…and thrusting and gyrating his way into the hearts (among other body parts) of ladies like Lilian. vis12
vis13 vis13.1 
vis14  Viscera’s sexual appetite soon began influencing his in-ring style, as he adopted a signature move that would make Heidenreich blush. Its name: Vis-agra.
Forget Mark Henry. Just look at what Vis is doing to poor Simon Dean’s Hershey highway and tell me he doesn’t merit the name, “Sexual Chocolate.” vis15 
vis97 Now who on Earth thought this move was a good idea?
Yeah, I don’t kn– Wait, Dean Malenko? Please tell me that wasn’t one of your 1000 holds! vis98
vis16  Vis’s devastating dry-humping finisher somehow made it into the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 video game, which was rated Teen. For comparison, the Mature-rated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas got recalled over its own clothed (but well-hidden) depiction of consensual sex.
At Vengeance, Viscera’s bachelor days nearly came to an end when, during an unannounced fifteen-minute segment on pay-per-view (complete with a song so sappy it made “Tell Me a Lie” sound like “Whole Lotta Love”), Lilian dropped down to one knee and popped the question. vis17
vis18  After all, what woman wouldn’t want to spend the rest of her life with this guy?
Just when it looked like Vis was going to settle down with Lilian, The Godfather crashed the party and dissuaded the big man from getting hitched. Really, though, Lilian should have seen this coming. vis19
vis20 A heartbroken Lilian then declared her hatred for The Godfather. You and Peter Griffin, both!
Vis, now a free agent, started wrestling in silk pajamas, some of which brought back fond memories of Men on a Mission days. In fact, WWE even paired Viscera up with a new partner, perhaps trying to recreate the fun times he’d had with Mo.

(Picture is unrelated)

vis22  That partner happened to be his new midget sidekick, who lasted one night. Somehow, the mini-Viscera named after a combination anus/urethra didn’t catch on. And you thought a wrestler named, “Cheex” was bad!
Viscera and Lilian García crossed paths once again the following year when an overzealous Charlie Haas accidentally knocked the announcer off the ring apron. vis23
vis24  This kicked off a love triangle, with both men vying for Lilian’s affections before she begged them to stop fighting and just be friends with her. Haas would have none of it, gouging Viscera’s eye, leaving the man named for innards nothing but a giant, one-eyed organ.
In his temporary blindness, Vis picked up Lilian by mistake and, not being able to tell her silky-smooth legs from Charlie Haas’s, Samoan-dropped her. vis25
vis26  So how did the big man react to the embarrassing discovery that he couldn’t tell his ex-lover’s body and screams from a heavyweight wrestler’s? He had a hearty laugh with Haas and joined forces with his rival, teaming up based on their mutual disinterest in Lilian García’s friendship.


Fans were once again seeing the dark underbelly of Viscera, but that was nothing compared to the literal underbelly they’d be subjected to once Vis traded in his PJs for traditional ring attire as “Big Daddy V.”


Remember what the Road Warriors said about their bodies? Looking at Nelson’s well-cushioned physique for the first time, it was fair to say that The World’s Largest Love Machine was their complete opposite.

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A wrestling fan ever since the days of Wrestlemania IX, Art graduated from college in the same building where Art Donovan called King of the Ring 1994. He also runs the "How Much Does This Guy Weigh?" blog, where he reviews New Generation-Era Monday Night Raws. Follow him on Twitter @Art0Donnell. Email at:
38 Responses to "Induction: The World’s Largest Love Machine, Viscera – Every day is Hump Day for Big Vis"
  1. ScroogeMcSuck says:

    The .gif of Vince and the random use of Dean Malenko got some genuine LOL moments from me. Kudos to a great induction.

  2. Down With OPC says:

    There is another pic of Big Vis holding the condoms, but Trish is standing next to him with a sort of creeped-out reaction.

  3. AK says:

    A solid write up as always but I have to disagree that Big Vis constitutes Wrestlecrap. To me, he falls under the same category as Doink the Clown (Heel) and the Repo Man. Considering all the other gimmicks he got stuck with, I think Vis was awesome in this persona. It was over the top, it was ridiculous, it was unsettling at times (ie. most of the time) but that doesn’t make the gimmick Wrestlecrap as far as I see it.. Had they saddled this with say Yokozuna or even the Big Show, then you’d have genuine Wrestlecrap.

    Now for all his other personas

    Mabel the Rapper: Wrestlecrap
    King Mabel: Wrestlecrap (in the sense that he really had no business winning the 1995 King of the Ring). #VincescrewedSavio
    Viscera (Undead Zombie?): Wrestlecrap but still better than Naked Mideon
    Big Daddy V: Wrestlecrap, but the name is awesome.

    • Scrooge McSuck says:

      Why can’t we just laugh at something and not put everything under a microscope on what constitutes “crap”?

      • Mr. Stanek says:

        I’d be embarrassed to be seen watching this and can’t imagine it brought any new fans to wrestling, and it probably caused many viewers to change the channel. That’s wrestlecrap to me.

    • Eugene Crispin Swanson Esquire III says:

      How is this NOT Wrestlecrap???? This was an atrocious character. Your argument is like saying The Repo Man tried his absolute best with a terrible character and it shouldn’t be Wrestelcrap. Excellent Induction as always, Art. Every induction you have made, you provided multiple reasons and evidence why something is Wrestlecrap. Unfortunately the IWC always has something to complain about, and this complaint from the above poster is absolutely ridiculous.

    • 80's Guy says:

      Big Vis/Viscera sucked. He was boring, disgusting looking, and not worth the money. He was crap.

      I think the only person more boring in the ring is Nash, and that’s just because he was lazy as f**k.

      This guy’s whole existence is Wrestlecrap. It did deserve to be inducted. In fact, all embodiments of him do.

      • Mitchell Colburn says:

        Show some respect, please. Vis, from what I have read, seemed to be a really nice guy until his passing. RIP

  4. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Excellent as always, Art.

    • Head says:

      Can you swivel any harder, Paul? Besides which, if they’re ‘always’ excellent then there’s no point even commenting on them. I can assure you as a fan of Art’s that his inductions have not always been excellent, he’s written his fair share of less-than-impressive works as would anyone.

  5. TOPA says:

    Big daddy V was just disgusting to look at.

  6. John C says:

    After watching all those gifs I feel like I’ve been violated. Now squeal like a pig boy!!!!!!!!!! VEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Peter says:

    I see stuff like this and think that the PG route WWE has taken is perfectly fine.

  8. Jordan Mishkin says:

    I met Cloacas about a year ago. Sold him some Steven Seagal dvds at a flea market. That’s the best 2 sentences I’m going to write all day.

    • John C says:

      Did you ask him for an ID at first to make sure he was old enough to buy R-rated movies? If so was the name on it Cloacas? And most importantly you didn’t short change him on the deal did you?

      • Jordan Mishkin says:

        The goatee was good enough for ID. I looked him up afterwards, he used to wrestler under the name “Tiny The Terrible”. He actually ran for mayor of Pawtucket, RI too.

        And I only charged him $5 for a 4-pack of Seagal movies. If anything, he underpaid. Each one is a Hollywood masterpiece.

        • John C says:

          I just bought the classic Seagal movies on Blu-Ray for about $5 each. But too be fair with Tiny Cloacas he may have been short on money when he bought the dvds. Maybe if you had some Tiny Lister movies he would have bought more.

  9. Bonesaw Shaw says:

    Is it sad I sort of miss Vis?

  10. That Don Guy says:

    You mean this “Lady & the Tramp 2”:

  11. Third String Point Guard says:

    Last picture of Big Daddy V:

    “Mommy has bosoms like that!”
    – Ralph Wiggum

  12. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Today is Viscera’s birthday (yes, on Valentine’s Day!). How fitting is that? 🙂

  13. s1mon86 says:

    I could only imagine what it is like in the back when they plan the matches and the booker has to explain to Viscera’ opponent that Viscera will do the Vis-agra to them

    • David P. says:

      I can imagine his opponent’s reaction: “He does WHAT?! And you wonder why people like to joke about how gay wrestling is!”

  14. Anonymous says:

    That Road Warriors line at the end is one of the worst lines ever used in pro wrestling. Those guys were the GOAT, but SHEE-IT was that lame!

  15. Alan says:

    A great induction Art! Every personality Nelson Frazier portrayed in WWF/E was 100% pure WRESTLECRAP. This Induction should make exactly no one miss the days of TV-14 from 2002-2008, which included the worst angle in their history, the infamous Katie Vick.

  16. Jim says:

    Solid induction of a silly character.

    On a side note, is there any reason why these aren’t showing up on the Active Inductions page ( It hasn’t updated since Jan 23.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      It’s showing up in that category for me. Try clearing your browser cache and then refreshing the page.

  17. BeaverCleavage says:

    RIP World’s Largest Love Machine. Is there a Wrestlecrap Curse like the SI Curse?

  18. Down With OPC says:

    Man, this sucks! Can’t believe Big Vis passed right after this induction is posted. RIP.

  19. Jay says:

    That unrelated gif is with Candice Michelle. Nelson was one lucky MOFO!!

    Not any got to french tickle with her.

  20. John Evans says:

    Pretty amusing. Mostly, though, I’m just glad to see anyone mock the Hot Coffee “scandal”.

    • Jay says:

      “Hot Coffee” scandal? Are you referring to the backstage segment with Candice Michelle?

      • Nettacki says:

        No, he was referring to the scandal regarding the GTA game he mentioned, San Andreas, which at one point was recalled due to a hidden Hot Coffee minigame that could only be accessed via cheats.

  21. Mike Castleberry says:

    The Haas/Big Vis/Lillian triangle deserves it’s own entry instead of a quick blurb, the fact that Haas and Viscera became a team based on their mutual love of beating up Lillian Garcia is most assuredly Wrestlecrap on it’s own.

  22. Mitchell Colburn says:

    RIP Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V 🙁

  23. Cecil says:

    Made out with tons of hot divas in the fed……………

    Candice Michelle THREE TIMES!! (vkm musta had fun ribbing the vixen!)
    Lilian Garcia
    Trish Status backstage
    Christy Hemme
    Michelle McCool

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