It Came from YouTube: Hulk Hogan on Johnny Carson

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So like a million years ago, Johnny Caron was the biggest name in late night entertainment. Here we have a clip of the Hulkster fresh from Rocky III, explaining to the world this new phenomenon known as Hulkamania.

Yes, once upon a time that was a NEW thing.

Not quite sure why he didn’t try to make “It’s like a new cult!” as one of his normal catch phrases.

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2 Responses to "It Came from YouTube: Hulk Hogan on Johnny Carson"
  1. Chris KL-99 says:

    Calling everyone “brother” makes a lot more sense now.
    “Brother Bruti, is the special Kool-Aid prepared for all my little Hulkamaniacs? Before drinking up, remember to say your prayers to the Big Man riding on the comet upstairs.”

  2. OPC says:

    “Do I have to tell the truth?” Johnny Carson gave Hulk Hogan the blessing to lie to us and we’ve been here ever since.

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