It Came From YouTube: DDP trashes the Dinner And A Movie set because he’s petty

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DDP lets the Dinner And A Movie guys FEEL THE BANG by destroying their set and their lovely NWO cake.

Wait, the Dinner And A Movie schmucks were in the NWO?!

That’s even lamer than Vincent being a member!

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: DDP trashes the Dinner And A Movie set because he’s petty"
  1. John C says:

    After a dinner and a movie I also hope to feel a bang. I did like Mean Gene’s jerk your own chicken as he exits, wonder if that ruffled a few feathers.

  2. Paul Sebert says:

    Sadly this is missing the first half of this segment in which the Diner and a Movie guys showed off such dishes as “Macho Nachos” and “N-W-Okra.”

    • MistaMaddog says:

      Not to mention the best part when they revealed their NWO (Madness) shirts. Anyone rememeber when Masahiro Chono did that and Sonny Ono freaked out?

  3. Thomas says:

    As someone who grew up spending most of the 90s sans cable, what was Dinnercand a Movie?

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Totally remember this. Dinner and a movie was a WTBS block that aired every Friday night and they would usually have guest stars (pertaining to the movie being shown) over to their set while they showed us how to make a certain recipe during commercial breaks. Think of it as watching a movie with cooking shows tied in to the commercial breaks. I watched one night where Hulk Hogan was a guest and the movie was Mr. Nanny. The dish was termed “Hollywood Hulk Hoagies.”

  5. big bad booty stepdaddy says:

    oh yeah I remember this……..I never understood how DDP was a face because as I recall, he was mad that he wasn’t one of the first people the NWO recruited. Ehhh….dunno. Never got into Page. His wife on the other hand……..and again can’t see what she saw in DDP. Maybe it’s me.

    But anyway, Dinner & a Movie was actually not a bad concept. Didn’t watch it much but I remember they had a cute red head and a dorky guy who looks like he lives in the Friend Zone. Like I said not a bad concept just needed something. I think this was also around the time TNT had a show called Monster Vision or something with a guy named Joe Bob Briggs.

    He was basically a cowboy that hosted old monster/sci fi movies. TNT & TBS had a little something for everybody.

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