“Whoah” During Cody Rhodes Entrance Causes Minor Earthquake

Cody Rhodes SummerSlam earthquake

Detroit, MI – Seismologists reported a minor earthquake at Ford Field Saturday night during WWE’s SummerSlam event. The rumbles have been attributed to enthusiastic wrestling fans singing along to Cody Rhodes’s theme song.

People have become enamored with the theme, Kingdom by the band Downstait, particularly the now-iconic “Whoah!” Cody Rhodes has been getting in on the act, leaning into the fan appreciation, encouraging them to participate. All that came to a head at SummerSlam with a literal earth-shaking “Whoah!”

“We can confirm that the area experienced a significant seismic event this past weekend,” said Wayne State University Assistant Professor of Seismology Walter Flugelhorn. “Our equipment has been able to pinpoint the exact moment of the activity which coincides with Mr. Rhodes’s entrance at Summerslam.”

Experts have stated that the seismic shifting registered a 2.4 on the Richter scale. Residents in nearby Windsor, Ontario reported feeling tremors Saturday night as well. No injuries, other than to Brock Lesnar, have been reported.

The “Whoah Heard Around The World” as it is being referred to is another impressive accomplishment Cody Rhodes has achieved since his return to WWE. Rhodes is embracing the event and has taken already trademarked the name “Cody Whoahdes”.

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