Tony Khan Announces Announcement About Announcing Announcements

Tony Khan Announces Announcement

Wichita, KS – AEW head Tony Khan appeared on this week’s episode of Collision to make a very special announcement.

“Thanks, guys,” said Khan in a backstage, pre-recorded segment. “It is my pleasure to announce that next week I will announce a very special announcement about announcements. This announcement about announcements will change the very face of professional wrestling for years to come. Make sure to tune in to Dynamite to hear it. Or Collision. Or ROH. Please watch ROH. Please!”

Khan’s special announcements have become a theme over the past year with some popping ratings and other’s leaving much to be desired. Fan reaction to the announcement about announcing announcements was mixed.

“I’m not a big announcement person, but I thought Tony really hit is out of the park this week. This could be a game changer,” said BostonEdnaKrabappel on Reddit.

“Whatever it is, I hate it, I hate Tony Khan, and I hate AEW. I’m going to watch every show next week and find out what the announcement is so I can hate that too,” said @WWE4Lyfe2006 on Twitter.

Former wrestler Stevie Richards even took to his Youtube channel to analyze Khan’s announcement.

“See, what he should’ve done is made an announcement this week about making an announcement next week,” explained Richards. “You have to tease it out for as long as possible. Keep the fans guessing. Let the announcement anticipation grow. Work the crowd. Tell a story.”

AEW officials are hopeful that the announcement turducken will boost ratings, generate new fans, and keep Tony Khan off Twitter.

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