Tired Komander Walks The Bottom Rope

Komander walks across the bottom rope in AEW

Saskatoon, SK – AEW highflyer Komander decided to take it easy at last week’s Ring Of Honor, choosing to only walk the bottom-rope.

Komander, best known for walking the top rope and attempting other dazzling, high-risk maneuvers, was too tired during his match for his usual repertoire. The long flight to Saskatoon, combined with the lengthy tapings of Ring Of Honor and Rampage exhausted the luchadore.

During his match against Jericho Appreciation Society member Daniel Garcia, Komander seemed a few steps slower than usual. Yawning loudly, he tossed Garcia outside the ring, setting up his signature move. Instead of ascending to the top, the acrobat stood on the bottom rope and awkwardly scooted his way across the ring.

Announcer Excalibur tried to cover for the sleepy display with stories of wrestling in PWG while Tony Schiavone sat in stunned silence. Confused fans watch intently, unsure of what they were witnessing. A loud “Oooh” rose from the crowd when the masked wrestler nodded off for a few seconds halfway through his travels.

Garcia waited patiently for Komander to slowly make his way across the rope, staggering around helplessly. Holding on tightly to the middle rope for balance, the luchadore eventually made it to the other side of the ring. Rather than launching himself over the top, he gently fell backwards onto his opponent.

The crowd erupted in cheers at the trust fall. Chants of “This is wrestling” rang throughout the SakTel Centre.

AEW officials are currently considering sleep-depriving Komander for future tapings for more low-flying action.

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