“Timeless” Toni Storm Seen Canoodling With Godzilla Minus Color

Toni Storm Godzilla Minus One

Hollywood, CA – AEW starlet ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm was spotted snuggling up to Godzilla (minus color) this past weekend at the Avalon nightclub.

The monochromatic stars sat in reserved VIP seating at the back of the club where they shared a bottle of champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Onlookers discreetly snapped pictures of the two, whispering in excitement about the possible blossoming romance.

“It’s a match made in Tinsel Town,” said celebrity gossip columnist Louella Hopper. “International stars of the small and big screen coming together to pain the town grey. Hollywood hasn’t seen a power couple like this since Humphrey Bogart dated Mothra in 1963.”

After partying late into the early morning, the hueless duo were met my paparazzi outside the club.

“Oh, Zilly and I are…just good friends,” winked Toni Storm. “We have so much in common: We’re huge in Japan, we forgo the colors of the rainbow, and we can both crush Deonna Purrazo.”

“SKREEEEEEEEEONK!” growled Godzilla, spouting nuclear breath high into the air.

“Yes, dear. SKREEEONK! SKREEEONK, indeed!” said Storm with a laugh as the greyscale group entered their waiting limousine.

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