The Elite Steal Tony Khan’s Lunch

The Elite Tony Khan AEW

Jacksonville, FL – Villainous stable The Elite committed their most heinous act against AEW leader Tony Khan on Friday afternoon when they ate his specially prepared lunch.

Acting like they owned the place, The Young Bucks, Jack Perry, and Okada entered the employee break room at Daily’s Place. The dastardly heels ignored the clearly marked sticky note on the bagged lunch in the staff fridge, once again abusing their powers as EVPs.

Laughing heartily, Matt and Nick Jackson split the cucumber watercress sandwich on pumpernickel. Okada menacingly ate the fruit cup while Jack Perry sadistically sipped Khan’s Mango Passion Capri Sun. The Elite devoured their stolen food loudly, ruining everyone else’s lunch in the process.

The culinary cruelty was interrupted when Khan himself entered the room.

“Hey, uh, guys. Is…is that my lunch?” asked Khan meekly.

“Yeah. It is,” said Matt with glare and vegan mayonnaise on his chin.

“Really? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s mine. See, there’s even a note that says “Have a good day, Tony. Love Dad.”

“It says “Shut up, nerd!” laughed Perry, crushing the Capri Sun and dropping it to the floor, clearly ignoring the signs posted in the break room about cleaning up after yourself.

Right before the group was about to eat Khan’s Zebra Cake for dessert, help arrived.

Carrying salads from Panera, FTR, Bryan Danielson and Darby Allin intervened, saving the treat from certain consumption. Before leaving, The Elite warned Khan that they’ll be back for AEW’s pancake breakfast fundraiser next week.

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