Solo Sikoa Wins WWE Costume Contest

Solo Sikoa Halloween costume

San Antonio, TX – Smackdown Superstar Solo Sikoa won WWE’s employee Halloween costume contest with an incredible display of “wooden” delivery.

Donning a tree costume, the stern-looking wrestler stood silently for most of the evening. When observers asked what he was supposed to be, Sikoa, stared off into the distance, refusing to answer. Thanks to a helpful explanation from the Wise Man, Paul Heyman, the crowd learned about Sikoa’s costume.

“He’s strong. He’s powerful. He’s coniferous! He’s…Solo…Sequoia!” hyped Heyman.

Solo Sikoa only broke character briefly when the Head of The Table, entered the room. Acknowledging his tribal chief, Sikoa briefly lifted one of his branches to the sky.

People oohed and ahhed at the clever wordplay and dedication to bit. Despite other great costumes like Big E dressed as Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld, Cathy Kelley dressed as Rhea Ripley, and Seth Rollins as a likeable babyface, Sikoa took home the top prize.

“He really committed to his character,” said judge Bruce Pritchard. “I truly believed that he was a giant, 300-foot-tall tree and that birds were going to nest in his branches.”

Seeing the forest for the trees, Solo Sikoa’s current rival John Cena has begun writing several wood and lumberjack jokes for his next promo.

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