Rhea Ripley To Fight Charlotte Flair Over Custody Of Dominik

Rhea Ripley will face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania for custody over Dominik Mysterio

Kansas City, MO – It has been revealed new stipulation has been added to the Rhea Ripley – Charlotte Flair match at Wrestlemania 39. For the second time, custody of Dominik Mysterio will be up for grabs in a ladder match.

Dominik will be suspended high above the ring. The first competitor to climb a ladder and remove him from his protective harness will gain full custody.

Over the past several months, Rhea Ripley and Dominik’s unique relationship has bonded the two closely.

“Dom is my sweetie pie and it will be a cold day in Hollywood before I let Charlotte become his legal guardian,” said Rhea Ripley defiantly. “Judgement Day will do everything in their power to make sure Dominik stays with us.”

“I could use someone to polish all my title belts,” said Charlotte smugly.

Dominik was less than thrilled at the possibility of becoming someone else’s ward.

“Aw, not again,” sulked Dominik. “ I don’t want to live with Charlotte. She’s going to make me drive Ric around and take all her robes to the dry cleaners and stuff. Prison made me tough, but not that tough.”

“I don’t have to take care of him anymore and I’m getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame?” reflected Dominik’s father Rey. “Win-win!” shouted the former WWE champion.

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