Philadelphia Fans Gathering Garbage To Throw At Dominik Mysterio

Philadelphia Wrestlemania 40

Philadelphia, PA – Local Philadelphia residents are collecting piles of trash to throw at Dominik Mysterio in two weeks at Wrestlemania.

The city, known for its colorful characters and for pelting Santa Claus, has made a concerted effort of the past month to gather refuse. Even people in the surrounding suburbs have contributed to the cause in hopes of seeing their waste hitting one of the most hated people in WWE.

“This is what the City Of Brotherly Love is all about,” said lead organizer Tommy Rendelli. “We’re coming together and cleaning up our streets in order to dump on something we all hate. It’s kind of beautiful when you think about it.”

The group’s goal is to distribute a 2,000 pounds of half-eaten Pat’s cheesesteaks, WaWa wrappers, soiled diapers, and old Ron Hextall jerseys at Dominik Mysterio.

“I believe in Philadelphia,” said Rendelli proudly. “Hopefully we’ll have enough left over to throw some at Logan Paul too.”

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