Joe Hendry Begs Fans To Stop Saying His Name

Joe Hendry TNA theme song

Edinburgh, Scotland – TNA Star Joe Hendry has announced a plea to fans to stop saying his name.

Hendry’s theme song, which states that if you say his name he will appear, is apparently a literal directive. With each utterance of his name, Hendry is forced to show up in front of the speaker. While the exact science of why he compelled to show up when his name is said, it is clearly taking a toll on the musically-inclined wrestler.

“Please, please, please stop saying my name,” begged Joe Hendry. “Sure, it’s great when I get to go to London, and Paris, and Tokyo. But who wants to go to Estonia or Turkmenistan or Iowa on a Tuesday night? No one, that’s who.”

The intense travel schedule and personal meet-and-greets has pushed Hendry to his limit.

“’Say his name and he appears’? What was I thinking?” lamented Hendry. “How about ‘Say his name and nothing happens because he’s sleeping’? Huh? How about that?!”

“The Local Hero” hopes to break the curse Against All Odds on June 14th. Unfortunately, as his theme continues to gain attention on social media, it is unlikely to happen.

“Djibouti? Where the heck is Djibouti?!” sighed Joe Hendry after receiving another notification that his name has been said. “I’m never going to finish writing my song about how Eddie Edwards is so dumb his mom had to give him the same name twice so he wouldn’t forget it.”

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