Headlies: Teens Missing After Entering Haunted Impact Zone

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Orlando, FL – Authorities are reporting that four local teenagers have been missing since Halloween night. Friends report last seeing the group entering the former home of TNA Wrestling, the Impact Zone. Rumors have been rampant that the old, decrepit wrestling location has been haunted since its closing in 2018.

“We’re still trying to piece together exactly what happened,” said Orange County Detective Alejandro Fredrick. “Close to midnight, four minors – Elisa Chu, Brandon Wesley, Marquis Anderson, and Daniel Castro – entered the Impact Zone around 11:30. Witness reported that the four were planning to have a séance in hopes of raising the dead. The only thing we’ve been able to recover is a partially melted black candle and a six-sided ring covered in ectoplasm.”

The Impact Zone, once known for high-flying X-Division action and the King Of The Mountain match, has fallen into disrepair over the years. Following TNA/Impact Wrestling’s purchase by Anthem Sports and subsequent move, locals have reported hearing strange sounds and seeing otherworldly lights coming from the building.

“The ghost of former TNA president Dixie Carter haunts this place,” said one woman who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. “If you stand outside the Impact Zone on quiet nights, you can hear her saying ‘Howdy, Sugah!'”

“I’m still alive, you ding dong,” said Carter over the phone when asked about the situation.

“It used to house all sorts of wicked things,” explained local pastor Jeremiah Issacs. “Steel asylums, electrified cages, Last Rites, matches. Bubba The Love Sponge. They even had Rellik. That’s ‘Killer’ spelled backwards, don’t’cha know. All manner of ghosts, goblins, and demons live in that unholy place. The Impact Zone is evil, I tells ya. Evil!”

While many people search for the teens, one local man offered a different perspective.

“Well, sometimes, dead is better,” said Jud Crandall. “The person that you put up there ain’t the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain’t that person, because whatever lives on the ground beyond the Impact Zone ain’t human at all.”

Authorities have called in Jerry Jarrett to perform an exorcism on the Impact Zone in hopes of finding the teenagers.

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  1. Guy Incognito says:

    Ding dong?
    Sounds more like Bayley than Dixie Normous to me.

  2. John C says:

    Another local resident, Crazy Ralph then exclaimed, “You’re all doomed!!!”, he also mentioned something about a curse as he rode away on a bicycle.

  3. Fake Fake Razor Ramon says:

    (Zak Bagans voice) “And this is where the horrifying Reverse Battle Royal took place all those years ago.”

  4. Mr. Boing says:

    expect Travel Channel to run an entire series about it to run alongside the rest of their spooky tv shows.
    cause its all about the goth demographic

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