Dynamite To Air Even More Unseen Footage

AEW Dynamite backstage footage

Jacksonville, FL – After the moderate bump in viewership following the airing of backstage footage from the CM Punk – Jack Perry fight, AEW has decided to share even more rare footage on Dynamite. While all the clip from Wembley Stadium has already aired, officials have revealed that they will not be limited to just wrestling video.

“Over the coming weeks and months, AEW Dynamite will be your number one source for never-before-seen events,” said CEO Tony Khan. “We can’t show anything from All In and my thumb was over the camera when Andrade hit Sammy Guevara, but, y’know, we’ve still got some good stuff. Please tune in!”

“This week we’ve got the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage with no sound,” explained Khan.
“After that, we’ve got that alien autopsy they used to show in the 90’s on FOX with an extra 3 seconds never shown in the US. If that doesn’t work, I’ll hold up a picture of the Loch Ness Monster while Prince Nana dances next to it. Just please…please tune in to Dynamite.”

Only time will tell if the unreleased footage strategy will work for AEW. Khan is also hoping purchasing the rights to the “Unsolved Mysteries” theme will keep people from changing the channel after the Big Bang Theory ends.

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