AEW’s The Devil Performs Magic Tricks

The Devil AEW Black Scorpion

Dallas, TX – AEW’s mysterious Devil figure befuddled wrestlers and fans alike this week by showing off his dark magical powers.

Descending to the ring in what appeared to be a spaceship, the Devil continued his mind games. After asking the crowd to pick a card and pulling a quarter out from behind one of his minion’s ears, the otherworldly wrestler unveiled his awesome abilities.

“Now, it is time to terrify the whole world with my black magic!” said the masked person in a gruff voice that sounded strangely like Ole Anderson. “Watch, MJF! Be terrified by my mystical powers! Watch my hand, MJF!”

The demonic figure then displayed his hand for the entire crowd to see.

“Look, MJF! I can move my thumb…remove my thumb from my hand!” gurgled the Devil, his thumb seemingly detaching from his body.

AEW audience members shrieked in terror with one man in his mid-30’s passing out from shock.

“Look at the mystical powers of the Black Scop…I mean, The Devil!” boasted the dark and evil character.

“Check out Phantasio Jones over here,” said a shocked Taz on commentary.

Fans are hopeful for more magic tricks from the Devil, including sawing Tony Schiavone in half, turning a crew member into a tiger, and pulling the recently released Bunny out of a hat.

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