AEW Dark Joins Impact Wrestling

AEW Dark joins Impact Wrestling

Nashville, TN – The wrestling community was shocked this past weekend to hear that former AEW show Dark was joining Impact Wrestling.

The show was recently cancelled by AEW with little fanfare. While it is believed this cancellation is being done to pave the way for a new show name Collision, AEW head Tony Khan did not say.

“We appreciate everything that AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation have done for AEW,” said Khan. “We wish them the best of luck in their ensuing ventures.”

Without a home, many believed Dark to either fade away or perhaps be show on independent television stations. Some even speculated that the show may go to Japan. Ultimately, Dark landed at Impact with a new lease on life.

“We are incredibly excited to add AEW Dark to our roster,” said whoever runs Impact. “This is really going to take us to the next level of upper lower middle pro wrestling companies.”

“As Impact World Champion, I can’t wait to appear on Dark,” exclaimed Steve Maclin, checking Wikipedia to make sure he is, in fact, Impact’s world champion.

Both fans were excited at the news.

“Impact is actually really good,” said that one guy that insists Impact is really good on Twitter.

“More people should be watching it,” agreed the woman that posts about Impact a lot on Reddit.

Due to legal purposes, AEW Dark’s name will have to be slightly altered. Impact has filed copyrights for shows named Gloom, Dim, and Murky. Fans can catch the shows on this Summer.

Dark Elevation hopes someone will put in a good word for it with the Impact office.

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