Abadon Featured In First AEW: All Access Episode

AEW: All Access reality television show featuring Abadon

The Black Hills, CO – Fans were surprised this past week when AEW announced the first subject of their new reality series would be Abadon.

“A lot of people may have expected us to follow around The Young Bucks or Adam Page, but this is better,” explained AEW head Tony Khan. “With all the shoot interviews and TikToks out there, fans already have an inside look at how the business works. Some other companies have tried and failed at reality television. AEW: All Access will be a vehicle for fans to learn all about some of the lesser-known wrestlers in the company.”

“Abadon is a natural choice to inform fans and bring new viewers in,” said Khan. “A day-in-the-life episode is just what some of our wrestlers need.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to see what Satnam Singh is up to on a Sunday morning? Or how about Fuego del Sol needing to go to the bank to get quarters on laundry day? That’s television gold!”

Little is actually known about mysterious and terrifying Abadon. Although their time on AEW television has been limited, their otherworldly look and unique style has captivated audiences.

Filming Abadon’s episode has been difficult for the crew as strange occurrences keep disrupting the crew. Flickering lights, the smell of brimstone, and an eerie mist has made capturing Abadon on film difficult. Horrifying whispers and inexplicable screams have slowly driven the crew mad. Shooting had to stop for an entire day when the walls started bleeding, sparking a brief electrical fire.

Things grew even more complicated when the crew lost their map and spent hours wandering around the forest searching for the sinister wrestler. After a member disappears, the final twenty minutes of the episode feature the rest of the crew searching an abandoned house. Before credits roll, the crew discover Abadon standing silently facing in the corner of the basement.

“ecin os saw enoyreve dna ecneirepxe taerg a saw tI,” said Abadon after filming wrapped.’

AEW officials are excited for the first episode to air and hope the film crew turn up soon.

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