WWF Wrestling Games from 1991!!

Leafing through our stash of 1991 WWF Magazines, it was pretty cool to see not one, not two, but three, count ’em, THREE games being advertised! The amazing thing is that I only remember one of these and am pretty sure I never saw the other two ever, which is kinda astounding considering I tracked all that stuff. Heck, I even owned that ridiculous WWF hockey game where Tugboat used a mop as a hockey stick!

Yeah, that one! Regardless, let’s dive in and see what you might have found at the local mall back in the winter of 1991…

First up, we have the WWF Wrestling Challenge Game. “Get in on the hottest wrestling event ever! Nine of the WWF’s greatest heroes join the match in a wild free-for-all for the championship belt. Are you up to the challenge? Ages 6 and up, 2-4 players.” Not only don’t I recall seeing this on store shelves, this may be the first time I’ve ever seen it in my life. I also question the validity of the advertisement here – as much as I loved Bobby and Gorilla doing their thing on Challenge, it was very rarely the “hottest wrestling event” on any given week, let alone ever. Well, except that time The Brain showed up with Ric Flair’s belt. That was pretty darn cool.

The WWF Superstars Card Game is up next. “Take on the WWF’s toughest wrestlers in a battle for supremacy! Use your wrestler’s favorite holds to pin opponents! Three different card sets let you match up six of the most famous WWF contenders. Ages 8 and up. 2 players.” These cards I DO remember, as I am pretty sure I had Hulk and Quake. Not sure I ever knew it was supposed to be a game though – maybe I just got them loose at some point and thought they were standard trading cards? Anyone ever play this one?

Well, yeah, of course I knew this one. Heck, it was the second arcade machine I ever bought! Crazy to see an actual full page ad of it in the magazine though. Seriously, they weren’t selling these machines to folks buying the magazine, so basically they were pimping this thing for kids to see then drop quarters at the local arcade. That is incredibly random…and very much appreciated as now I have a high res version of the file! If you think that puppy isn’t getting printed up and framed and winding up at Rupert’s, y’all are crazy. What memories do you have of these three games? Let me know in the comments below!

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