WWF Trivia Time! Time Meaning January of 1990, That Is!

Y’all know how much I love thumbing through old WWF Magazines…and what’s more fun than answering ancient trivia questions? And sometimes, trying to figure out what the company itself actually thinks the correct answers are? Let’s do this thang!

The rules first! Everyone got this? Good, let’s see how we all do here.

I have no memory whatsoever of Savage ever referring to someone as FRUITCAKE, but if that happened today I bet there’d be 9 shirts available on WWEShop.com for geeks to purchase. Since I have to guess, though, I’ll go Beefcake (Right +1). “The Brain” was of course the Weasel (Right +2). I love Randy Savage, but I don’t remember him having a name for Hulkamaniacs, so I guess I’ll go with Pukeamaniacs (Right +3….got lucky there, I kept thinking that was Slaughter’s name for them!)

I mean, this IS WWF Magazine so I sincerely doubt it’s going to be Wrestling Eye. (Right +1). Only female on the cover? Gotta be Elizabeth, she was money at the time (Right +2). And I want to say…Personality Profile? (WRONG! Private Eye! How did I not know that one??)

“Train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins”? As much as I want to say Slick (he was a honest to God Reverend for crying out loud!), I’ll go Hulkster (Right +1). Hillbilly Jim’s gold horseshoe had to have come from Granny (sadly not Gladys Gibson). (BZZT wrong, it was his grandfather, whom I never, EVER recall hearing about on WWF TV, so I really think I am right and they are wrong on that one. Regardless, no point for me I guess.). And please please PLEASE let it be ice cream. No no, it was a garbage truck. (Right +3).

I still hear Bad News telling Hogan “It’s Ghetto Blaster time, fool” so I know it’s that. (Right +1). Jim had a broken leg as I recall (The knee is part of the leg, right? Right +2). And I’ll say it was The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (WRONG! It was 1990, dum dum – Arsenio Hall all the way at that time!). Snuka was allegedly came from Fiji although honestly the island they should have shipped him to was Alcatraz. Not with Roddy Piper though. (Right +1). The Brain was from Indianapolis/Chicago, but he hailed from Hollywood (Right +2). And Duggan and Beefcake went to Hershey! (Right +3).

Totaling it all up…I wound up with 22 points. Apparently that means I did nice work. Which I guess is better than when I go to Cracker Barrel and play that stupid wood triangle with plastic golf tees gimmick and it always tells me I’m an “Eg-No-Ra-Moose”. I hate that thing. Regardless, how did y’all do?

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