WWF Action Figures Detailed in the February 1991 WWF Magazine!

I know a ton of you are big time action figure collectors, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at how the WWF Magazine presented them upon release, this time in February of 1991.

“Man, these new WWF action figures are hot!” proclaimed Roddy Piper in the opening scene of the currently running Hasbro television commercial that promotes WWF action figures. “They’ve got real wrestling action,” Piper reported, waving his arms in the air.

I love that Piper is “reporting” this, like he’s there for a newspaper. Ol’ Scoop Roddy is on the case!

Our next page has no text but it does have a trio of awesome images. It’s pretty cool to see these figures in their unfinished state, with an artist literally painting them with care. That’s not something I’ve ever really thought about as I am not completely into the hobby of collecting. But it’s not like they just pop out of the assembly line with no planning involved.

We get some more text of the script of the commercial here, but instead of going over that let’s look at the kids here. While the kid on the bottom looks to be having the time of his life, the boy on the top picture looks horrified. I mean, I guess you would be too if you had a legitimately horrifying Ultimate Warrior touching you shoulder to shoulder. You can’t fool him with that gentler, Amanda Warrior look Jim – that kid knows better!

We get some more of the script to wrap things up, along with Ted DiBiase looking thrilled with how things were turning out. Not gonna lie, this was actually a cool piece…I wonder if any behind the scenes footage has leaked anywhere on old commercial shoots like this? Those had to be a lot of fun…time to start scouring the archives to see what we can find!

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