Todd Pettengill On the Cover of WWF Magazine. Wait, What?

From the “this could not have possibly happened could it?” file, I give you this cover of the OFFICIAL WWF Magazine which features the visage of none other than Todd Pettengill.

Yes kids, here it is. Apparently Todd is now a major movie star, getting the lead in Terminator 3. Not sure that would be something I would want to brag about honestly as that movie kinda sucked. He also apparently is starting a chain of Hollywood restaurants. Again, that didn’t wind up too well, as I want to say there are like a half dozen of those left in the world. So he’s kinda more of a flop than a sensation according to this cover.

Which of course is not the real cover. No no, it was just randomly inserted on page 7 for whatever reason in THIS magazine…

…the September 1994 issue with Owen and The Anvil. As idiotic as it was, I have to give credit where credit is due – they got pretty darn close on their guess as to how much a $2.95 magazine would be twenty five years in the future, calling it at $6.95. There aren’t a lot of magazines for sale these days but that’s about the going rate.

Of course, WWF Magazine called it quits in 2014. While declining sales were the cited cause, I think we all know the real reason – if they had stuck around until 2019, they’d have had to published the Todd cover. And ain’t no one wanting that!

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