Someone Bought This: WWE Superstars Piggy Banks including John Cena!

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John Cena Piggy Bank

Crapper Terrence Gordon found these… um, interesting WWE Superstar Piggy Banks including the John Cena one pictured above. He writes:

When the bank is full it will never break because pigcena wont sell your moves.

I’ve got to give them points for creativity with some of those. The custom touches for each character’s piggy bank are kind of cute

Thanks for the submission, Terrence!

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWE Superstars Piggy Banks including John Cena!"
  1. Boourns says:

    Without a “Piggie” James one, the whole idea is pointless…

  2. No Pants Mafia says:

    No better way to teach your kids how to save money than by wasting $20 on a cheap plastic container to keep lose change.

  3. Paul R. from says:

    How ironic that The Rock’s bank is wearing a bracelet that says “Push The Pace” on it.,default,pd.html

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