Someone Bought This: The Blue Pants shirt is here!

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WWE Blue Pants shirt

Crapper Paul S. told me about this Blue Pants shirt as seen on NXT.

I know one guy who must be very excited about this shirt!

The Simpsons Homer Simpson Blue Pants Weekly magazine

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6 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The Blue Pants shirt is here!"
  1. John C says:

    My mind feels like it’s a dog chasing his own tail by reading the words, Blue Pants Authentic T-Shirt. It’s like the end of Wargames when the computer’s logic circuits get fried. If it’s pants hiw can it be a shirt but if it’s a shirt is it pants.

  2. Alexandru says:

    Pants on a shirt ? I can safely say I’ve never seen that before. Have to say Blue Pants is great, and 100 points to you Paul for the Simpsons reference

  3. Adam X says:

    I hope Leva at least gets a cut, without her those blue pants just ain’t as blue.

    • Si says:

      I’m sure she does, but it does seem odd that this has happened because she’s still only part-time contracted she sells her own Blue Pants shirt:

      Also, an NXT non-contracted jobber has a shirt and Naomi, currently in a huge main roster angle off the back of three Divas title matches in four months, doesn’t. I’m not sure which of those two that says more about.

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