Someone Bought This: Outdated 2013 WWE Divas Calendar

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WWE 2013 Divas Calendar

My fellow Partner In Crap Art0Donnell writes:

Here’s a WWE calendar for Divas fans and gamblers alike. Take bets on which Divas will still be employed by the company by the time their month comes up! Four of the featured Divas didn’t even make it to 2013 (Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Bella Twins), while Eve quit two weeks into the year. Aksana appears to be Miss December; I don’t like her odds.

Ah, the joys of printing these things months in advance. Thanks for the submission, Art!

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  1. Bone White says:

    This has happened in the UK with certain football teams’ calendars, featuring mostely players who have left as it appears in the club shop

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