Someone Bought This: Mick Foley “Mr. Socko” Puppet

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Mick Foley Mr. Socko puppet

To commemorate Mick Foley’s induction into the 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame; you could buy this official¬†Mr. Socko puppet for $14.99 from the WWE Shop.

Or you could just take one of your socks which no longer has a mate, grab a black marker, and make your own Mr. Socko puppet for next-to-nothing.

If I may quote an old idiom; “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

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1 Response to "Someone Bought This: Mick Foley “Mr. Socko” Puppet"
  1. 80sGuy says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty stupid to pay $15 dollars for a crappy looking sock puppet.

    They didn’t even make it right. By the looks of it, they made it so long you’d have to pull it up to your shoulder for it to actually fit.


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