What Didn’t You Understand About The Dog Poop Match?

Dog Poo Match

Honestly, I’m not even sure what that is. BUT, the reason why I’m going to talk about a match I know nothing about is because “DOG POO” really stands out and slaps me across the face.

This is a tidbit you’re going to love. This is why you LOVE both this column and ME! I tell you things no one else would DARE.

I’m thinking the “Dog Poop Match” might have had something to do with the British Bulldog. The reason I have such a vivid memory of this is because I heard about it right after leaving the WWE for WCW. Someone had told me that Davey Boy Smith was in a match where the outcome was him bumping and rolling around in DOG POO!

Now, was I surprised? Absolutely not. Why? Simply because I had worked for a boss who thrived on, reveled in and was CONSUMED with bathroom humor. That’s right, for the “genius” that many claim him to be, Vince McMahon loved sophomoric, low-brow, HIJINKS! He found that type of humor ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL.

Toilet bowls, faeces, vomiting—remember “HE’S GONNA PUKE!”? Go back and watch “Beyond the Mat” and experience Vince’s FULL JOY when he’s encouraging Droz to throw-up on demand. Vince couldn’t even wait to get the freaking trash can!

Vince LOVED that S***— pardon the pun! To him, the British Bulldog rolling around in DOG POO was a JOYOUS OCCASION.

I never got it, man, I never understood why.

I really started to see this curious obsession at the creative meetings at Vince’s house. Now, you could just chalk this up as “something else Vince Russo is lying about”, or you can believe that this was indeed Vince’s odd behavior.

There was many a day in Vince’s dining room, during a gruelling creative session, where in the presence of myself and Ed Ferrara, COMPLETELY out of nowhere Vince would lift his leg like a BLOOD HOUND, and let out a DEAFENING, EXPLOSION OF GAS that just about killed us. Bro, keep in mind this guy only eats meat and vegetables—the finest fuel to ignite the flame!

But, that wasn’t even the unusual part. The scary element of this 10 year-old behavior was that after dropping the NUKE on us, Vince would turn red in the face, laughing hysterically for the next five minutes, over the greatness he had just accomplished.

Vince McMahon laughing

Yeah, man, it was bizarre. Let’s be honest, there’s always some laughter in passing a little gas, especially when we’re bored, but to witness Mr. Prim and Proper, Mr. Suit and Tie, Mr. Coiffed Head—it does take you back a bit.

So, when I heard about Davey Boy rolling around in, well, DOG S***, I knew that could only come from one man… Vince McMahon.

Yeah, same guy who had Mae Young deliver a hand–but, that’s another story for another day.

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