X-Pac Pre-Painted Model Kit

From loyal Crapper Mark Swanson: “I happened to be surfing around a message board and some random person had this in their signature. He wrote the words “I…WANT…THIS…CHEAP”. Yes, it is a cheap piece or crap, but who the hell would spend their hard earned American dollar on a model of X-Pac? Maybe Chyna to put by her bed at night and dream about?”

RD: I’m thinking if Joanier Laurer could somehow combine this kit with the vibrating motor from one of those old Kevin Nash WCW dolls, she’d be in heaven.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to vomit.

Remember, kids – no matter how stupid this week’s item may have been, no matter how much of a fool you feel like for perhaps owning what we’ve written about above, you’ll never be as much of a loser as RD and Blade are. After all, they shelled out $200 for this Katie Vick costume.

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