WWE Kids Magazine

A few years ago WWE produced a WWE Kids magazine for kids aged 6 to 14.

And they apparently felt it was necessary to use as much neon and clashing colors as humanly possible on the cover of each and every issue of the magazine.



WWE Kids magazine Undertaker

A Smackdown Vs. Raw game is “The Best Video Game Ever”?

I’m sorry, but that title clearly goes to the NES port of Arlanid!

Arkanoid Nintendo NES box

Not to sound like Grandpa Simpson or anything but when I was a youngster in the late 80’s and early 90’s  we had the plain ol’ one-size-fits-all WWF Magazine and we liked it, dangnabit!

WWF Magazine Sid cover

See? We had actual pictures of wrestlers, and subtle use of muted colors! None of this fancy-schmancy neon stuff that hurts your eyes!

We didn’t want puzzles or games! We wanted to read articles, see pictures, and get suckered into buying crap we didn’t need! Simple!

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