Wrestling Superstars View-Master

Who didn’t have a View-Master as a kid? It’s one of the best, most beloved toys of all time, so I’m not surprised there were WWF reels made for it.

From 1985, here’s a “WWF Wrestling Superstars View-Master Gift Set” which came with a View-Master, and 3 WWF reels. The reels were also sold separately in a 3-pack.

I really don’t know how much fun it would have been to look at a bunch of still images of wrestlers… um… wrestling, when part of the fun of watching wrestling is in all the exciting moves they do, but I guess it’s a unique idea, anyway and an easy gift for Grandma to buy her wrestling fan Grandson.

Also… Hillbilly Jim in 3-D! 

Maybe they should have released WWF cartridges for the Fisher Price Movie Viewer instead? Then you could at least have seen the wrestlers in motion!

WWF View-Master reels in box WWF view-master reels in box frontWWF View-Master reels in box back

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