WrestleMania 29 Women’s Mohawk Hat

Believe it or not, I found this WrestleMania 29 Mohawk Hat in the Women’s section of the WWE Shop website.

I just can’t believe the WWE expects this thing to appeal to women (or anyone with a pulse, for that matter).

I don’t know what’s worse- the bright blue mohawk itself, or the goofy dangly ball things that end up going to your shoulders (or do you tie them under your chin?).

This is the kind of hat that makes a real statement.

That statement being “I’m a wrestling fan who’s not afraid to look like a complete moron in public!”.

Sorry, but Mohawks and WrestleMania should only go together when you’re talking about this man:

Mr. T

“I pity the fool who buys this goofy hat!”.

You tell ’em, Mr. T.

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