Winnie The Pooh Wrestling Teddies

No, it’s not Jim Neidhart (despite the similarities).

It’s the terrifying masked heel Pooh The Punisher! 

I found this Pooh The Punisher bean bag toy (okay, so that’s just the name I gave his gimmick) and could only come to one obvious conclusion…

He must be the founding member of the Pooh World Order.

Hey, all that honey isn’t going to pay for itself, y’know!

Either that, or Rey Mysterio Jr. really let himself go and has a serious body hair problem!

Update! Crapper Dave The Wave sent in this picture of Pooh with his tag-team partner Piglet

Winnie The Pooh And Piglet wrestlers plush toys

and he writes:

After seeing your recent love for Pooh the Punisher, I just had to share this. Here is Pooh himself with his friend, the Hall to his Nash… The Mighty Piglet!!!

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