Willow Golf Umbrella

Crapper Benjamin Trecroci writes:

Or at least they think someone will buy it.

Wow, it’s not just an umbrella, it’s a golf umbrella!

I didn’t think it was possible to look any dumber playing golf, but if you bring this thing with you onto the golf course, then fore-gat about it!

I think even The Joker from the 60’s Batman TV show would take one look at this umbrella and say “Nah! That’s a bit too much, even for me!”.

Let’s check out the description of this thing:

Ventilated large golf umbrella with soft grip handle. Keep yourself and your clubs dry while on the course. Windproof design with ventilated double cover, 62″ arc. fiberglass ribs and shaft. Imprinted in two locations.

You know, one night at the bar I told the ladies I had a fiberglass shaft and they just laughed at me…

All things considered, if it came down to being seen with this umbrella in public versus getting sunburned, I think I’d take my chances with the sun!

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