WCW PPV T-Shirts

WWE WCW Greed shirt

Crapper Paul S. writes:

Apparently someone in WWE’s marketing department decided to issue some throwback shirts to classic pay-per-views. But what classic WCW events did they chose? Well for starters there’s Starcade 2000. I’m not sure if anyone would want one in 2000 much less now…

There’s also this WCW Greed shirt. Yes WWE actually made an ironic T-shirt of WCW’s last ever pay-view. Hey it would make a great gift to go with your new copy of Death of WCW.

WWE making shirts of two of WCW’s worst (and yes, last) PPVs out of spite… That’s so petty and stupid that it kind of fits in with how WWE has been pissing on WCW’s grave since they bought the company.

I can’t imagine a WCW fan actually buying either of these shirts, making their production completely pointless.

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