WCW Magazine June 1996

Bryan over at The WCW Worldwide Blog found this WCW Magazine cover featuring The Giant in a sexy (?!) pose. He writes:

A strange cover featuring the giant posing on a Triceratops statue and showing off a lot of bare leg… gross.

Also, the WCW 2000 feature advertised here has some interesting names that are highlighted as the future of professional wrestling. While the magazine gets certain names correct like Eddie Guerrero, The Giant, Booker T., and Chris Benoit, certain others stick out like a sore thumb. Mr J.L. (Jerry Lynn) is praised for his “high flying maneuvers”, while Alex Wright has his “ever-effective drop-kick” highlighted as one of the best features of “Das Wunderkind”.

Kinda weird to read this in WCW’s magazine in 1996 seeing as everyone listed had to leave the company to become main event stars but still — at least SOMEONE could recognize talent! It’s a shame that the WCW Magazine editor didn’t have any booking power…

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