WCW “Invasion Logo” T-Shirt

When WWE bought WCW and did The Invasion angle, it um… didn’t go very well. In fact, it won the 2001 Gooker Award right here on WrestleCrap!

The Invasion was lead by Shane McMahon and a handful of ex-WCW wrestlers who were mostly mid-carders.

The wrestlers all wore this shirt with a new WCW logo:

WWE WCW Invasion logo shirt large

Well, it’s better than the previous WCW logo, anyway…

WCW new logo thumbnail

but they really should have just used the classic WCW logo that everyone liked:

WCW Logo Old

but I guess making WCW likeable wasn’t a part of the plans.

Anyway, Shane McMahon himself wore a special “Shane O Mac” WCW Jersey (!).

 WCW Invasion Shane McMahon jersey 1

The back of the jersey reads:

Positively Mac


Hotlanta, GA.

WCW Invasion Shane McMahon jersey 2

Ugh! Lame, lame, lame.

They even put the new WCW logo on The Invasion Pay-Per-View poster and t-shirt!

The angle would have sucked regardless but these stupid shirts that everyone involved wore combined with The Invasion leader Shane McMahon going out there in this ridiculous jersey didn’t exactly help make them seem like a legitimate threat.

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