Vince Russo Filleting Saltwater Fish Book

I’ve seen gimmick infringement in the past, but this one may be the most bizarre yet. How dare someone swipe the good name of Vince Russo for a series of fish cookin’ videos?

“On SALTWATER 1, Vince fillets: Cobia, Dolphin, Mackerel, Tuna and Wahoo. In the Cooking menu, Vince cooks a favorite dish of each fish. Also included is a Bonus Chapter menu are segments on knives, sharpening, scaling and a tour of Savannah. Vince also includes a slideshow comprised of photos from his fishing trips.

“I enjoyed making the SALTWATER 1 DVD, it gave me a chance to fillet some fairly large fish, with large fish its very important to follow my techniques- it will help you to get more return from your catch. Remember, don’t just do it, DO IT RIGHT!” States Vince.”

Hmmm, ok, I guess I’ll let you slide this time, “Vince”. If that is your real name. Which I bet it’s not.

But that tour of Savannah better be good. And I mean REALLY good!

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