Undertaker WrestleMania 31 Entrance Smoke

Someone went to WrestleMania 31 with a Ziplock bag and kept the fog from The Undertaker’s entrance…

The Undertaker WrestleManai 31 entrance with smoke

…in that bag…

And they sold it on eBay for $1,735!

No, really! See?

The Undertaker entrance smoke auction

But hey, at least the shipping was FREE! 

Quoting from the auction, for that $1,735 you got…

*WrestleMania 31 Undertaker Entrance Smoke

* 3 Ticketmaster Tickets for proof of attendance

*Event Parking Permit

*WWE Exclusive Bag given at WrestleMania 31 Event

*John Cena T-Shirt (LARGE) Brand New with WrestleMania 31 Tag

I guess you get all this stuff so you have proof he was actually at Wrestlemania 31 and didn’t just fill up a Ziplock bag with smoke from his Weber grill or whatever.

91 people bid on this (nearly) worthless crap!

And someone decided to spend $1,735 on it!

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