Trent Knight Trading Card

Crapper Douglas Corti writes:

Someone bought this Trent Knight NWA trading card…

And yes. That somebody was me. I’ve also got another card of Cougar Jay on order. Both probably won the same number of matches on TV as I have. I’ve combined the front and back in the same scan.

And yes, I’ll send you the Cougar Jay scan as well when it shows up.

Wow, this Trent guy is deep!

He likes steak, ice cream, and Janet Jackson?

I like steak, ice cream, and Janet Jackson!

Ooo! It’s like we were meant for each other!

Actually, I’ve never heard of the guy before- here’s all I could find on him. 

But I can’t fault his taste in food (pun intended) or music.

And no, his first name ain’t baby! It’s Trent.

Mr. Knight if you’re nasty!

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