Superstars Maker

I came across this article on my friend Matt’s old website and I just had to post it. It’s WWF “Superstar Maker” Modeling Kit with “Fun Dough” (don’t you dare call it”Play-Doh™”!).

Note the whopping $1 rebate offer! How generous of them.

With this awesome toy, you could make a match for the CWF (The Clay Wrestling Federation) featuring your newly made clay Ultimate Warrior Vs. Gumby


and Davey from “Davey And Goliath” (I bet he’s a lot tougher than he looks!)


in a “Hardcore Clay Triple Threat Death Match”! No disqualification! No count out! No time limit! There must be a winner!

The two losers would be smushed into a featureless blob, and the winner would go straight into the fires of the kiln to be preserved for all time! Truly a bittersweet victory if ever there were one.

Man, MTV’s “Celebrity Death Match” has nothing on this thing!

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