Steve Blackman Gold Trading Card

Crapper Chris found this beautiful and stunning (okay, it’s really neither of those things but I wanted to class the joint up a bit) Steve Blackman gold trading card¬†on eBay and writes:

I have a hard time believing this weird all gold collectors card of The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman is a real thing. I mean, I know I am looking at it, and to some degree it must exist, but its existence is so bizarre. Any card of anything done to look like a cheap gold etching seems strange to me. Doing one of a wrestler takes that up a notch, and that wrestler being Steve Blackman, makes this quite unusual.

Two other quick things. First, the picture of Blackman looks like Randy Orton. Second, maybe it is just the way this card was photographed, but Blackman appears to have magic glowing eyes like he’s some sort of ghost or ghoul, which is pretty awesome. On the other hand, his opponent seems to be glowing in a very different region.! I bet that URL’s not taken!

Sometimes Steve Blackman’s eyes glow at you, and Who Ya Gonna Call?

Thanks for sending in this spooktacular (I just love that word) card, Chris!

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