Star Trik Photos

Crapper Louis Izzo writes:

A few months ago, I sent in pictures from an issue of WWF Magazine, Summer of 1993, which advertised a weird plaque of WrestleMania IX that would have your name in the marquee. I couldn’t imagine anyone spending money on such an odd looking piece of merchandise, but then I saw this in the November 1993 issue, and would gladly plunk down the $30 for a WM IX banner saying “Me vs. Hulk Hogan”:

Photos that put you right in the action! Now, honestly, if done right, this isn’t a bad idea… but the advertisement is laughable. The company (Star Trik, or Imaginography, or Coop Communications Corp., whatever) has “suggested poses” that look absolutely ridiculous. Take a look at the suggested pose that is incorporated into a picture with Bret Hart. Did someone seriously think that looked good enough to entice people to spend FIFTY DOLLARS on?! I would buy the dumbest crap in the universe as long as it’s promoted well (I am a wrestling fan after all). But this… this is crap. I can’t imagine this advertisement convincing a single sole in spending money on it. $50 could buy someone a Coliseum Video copy of WrestleMania IX, after all.


Oh, wow! Sure, by modern standards the photo editing doesn’t look very convincing, but back in 1993 this was some pretty amazing, hi-tech stuff!

I’d have totally ordered one of these photos if I’d known about it at the time.

It reminds me of when Ric Flair edited himself into those photos with Miss Elizabeth.

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