Spin Fighters

Look what I found on eBay! WWF Spin Fighters tops!

Is that Robocop’s cousin on the packaging there?

WWF Spin Fighters toy 2

The idea is that you and a friend launch them with your Power Spinners, spin them around inside a circle on a special mat, and let them knock into each other until one knocks the other out of the circle.

Apparently, you can also wear them!

Oh yeah, I’d look so cool walking around with one of these things on my jacket…

WWF Spin Fighters toy 3 WWF Spin Fighters toy 4

You could get them with a number of different wrestlers on them.

Wow, it’s like a Who’s Who of WrestleCrap inducted gimmicks!

WWF Spin fighters toy 5

You’ll sleep well at night knowing that this toy confirms to safety standards.

WWF Spin Fighters Toy 6

Whichever top knocks the other one out of the ring wins!

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