Special Edition Collectors Set Action Figures

This is a set of figures released by Jakks-Pacific in 1997…

Okay, a few things:

  1. This is a really random assortment of figures- Sunny, Bret Hart, Psycho Sid, and Vince McMahon? Was there some feud involving these four people that I missed?
  2. Bret and Vince look okay, but Sunny and Psycho Sid look terrible and don’t look a thing like the people they’re supposed to be!
WWF figure collection Sunny Bret Hart Psycho Sid Vince McMahon 2

Sid in particular looks horrifying.

He looks like he spent about a month in a tanning bed, and then when he got out he was really surprised by something!

Maybe he got word from Tammy that the test results came back…

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