Scott Steiner Freak Tunes

When I first spotted this Scott Steiner “Freak Tunes” CD on Amazon my head filled with glorious visions of Scott in a cheap, ill-fitting rented tuxedo with that stupid chain-mail thing on his head, singing/screaming a song like Glo-Worm to a cheesy Karaoke background track at an airport in the middle of nowhere.

How fantastic would that have been?

I mean just think about it! Lounge Act Scott Steiner! It could’ve been even more awe-inspiring than Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling Boot Band album!

Sadly, it’s just the soundtrack to his workout DVD featuring a bunch of songs none of us have ever heard of before.

Presumably you’re supposed to listen to this while working out to stay motivated. I can’t imagine any other situation in which anyone would want to listen to it.

Oh well, for a minute there I thought we could have had some real musical gold with this one, but my hopes were shrivelled up just like Scott Steiner’s testicles after years of (alleged) steroid abuse.

Maybe one day. Maybe one day…

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