Sable Video Tape

In 1998 WWE put out a VHS called “Sable Unleashed”.

Okay, I admit that this SBT has to do with my personal preferences, but this is a 45 minute video focusing on Sable- the least interesting Diva of the era.

She isn’t attractive in the face or body (“Silicone parts are made for toys!” -Sir Mix-A-Lot).

She has all the sex appeal of a pile of dirty sweat socks.

She’s not a very good wrestler.

And she can’t emote on the microphone. She has all the charisma¬†and personality of a cardboard box.

So yeah, having to sit down and watch 45 minutes of nothing but Sable wrestling, working out (yawn…), talking, and trying to be¬†“sexy” would be like some kind of torture.

Say what you want about Sunny, but at least she had a personality and put some effort into it so she looked like she wanted to be there!

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