The Undertaker is back… in Pog form! 

Say it with me now…


WWF Pogs laid out

Here are all the WWF Pogs! It’s like a cavalcade of pure WrestleCrap!

WWF Pogs in sleeves 1 WWF Pogs in Sleeves 2 WWF Pogs in sleeves 3 WWF Pogs In Sleeves 4

But wait, there’s more! How about some Coliseum Video Pogs!

WWF Coliseum Home Video pots

Here’s a WWF Pogs shirt (fashionable!)

WWF Pogs shirt

And an article all about the Pogs from the May 1995 issue of WWF Magazine:

WWF Pogs article May 1995 WWF Magazine

And last, but not least some WCW Pogs:

WCW Pots

Okay, that’s everything I could find about wrestling Pogs for you today. I hope it was enough to satisfy you.

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