Pit Crew 8×10 Photo

I saw this blindingly vivid promotional picture posted on Bryan’s WCW Worldwide Blog and I just had to re-post it here!

Bryan writes:

The Pit Crew: Dale Torborg and Chad Fortune – WCW Magazine [January 1999]

A NASCAR tag team gimmick? Hell yeah, it is!

First off, the man shown here with the bitching van dyke is Dale Torborg who would go on and become the KISS Demon once Brian Adams was done with the gimmick. Chad Fortune might be better known as the one guy from the WWF tag team Tekno Team 2000 that wasn’t Erik Watts. Strangely enough, Bill Goldberg gives credit to Fortune for handing him his first official loss in a WCW Saturday Night dark match in 1997.

Why these two were featured in WCW Magazine at all, no one knows.

I like how the picture looks like it’s straight out of 1990 with the bright colors despite the fact that it was in fact 1999.

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